Corporate Governance - Highlights

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Welcome to Autodesk’s Corporate Governance Website.

Investors and others who are interested in how we safeguard our stockholders’ interests can find here:

  • Information about Autodesk’s Board of Directors and the Board’s committees
  • Information about Autodesk’s Executive Management Team
  • Charters of the various committees of the Board of Directors
  • Corporate Governance Guidelines adopted by our Board of Directors
  • Autodesk’s Code of Business Conduct which is signed by all employees
  • Our Code of Ethics for Senior Executive and Financial Officers which is signed by all executives who report directly to the CEO and by senior members of our finance organization
  • Current information about stock trades by members of our Board of Directors or by executive officers of the company

Autodesk is committed to the highest standards of corporate ethics and diligent compliance with financial accounting and reporting rules. Our Board of Directors provides independent leadership in the exercise of its responsibilities. Our management oversees a strong system of internal controls and compliance with corporate policies and applicable laws and regulations, such as the prohibition of giving or receiving bribes. And our employees operate in a climate of responsibility, candor and integrity.


Autodesk Ethics and Compliance Hotline

If you believe there have been any potential violations of Autodesk's Code of Business Conduct or Code of Ethics, including complaints or allegations relating to accounting, internal controls, or auditing matters, contact the Autodesk Ethics and Compliance Hotline at 855-822-9535 or via the web at

Committee Charters

Governance Documents